Smart Boards Are A Great Way To Improve Lectures

Education has always been one of the leaders at the forefront of the adaptation of new technology. While many educators have embraced computers and mobile devices in the classroom, they have still clung to the old traditional whiteboard. Now, however, smart boards have arrived that can provide educators with a modern way to transform their teaching style. Here, are just a few of the ways that a smart board can improve your lectures.

Smart boards utilize technology by blending visual aids with your computer. Using your smart board, you can jot notes, provide visual aids to your lectures and Read the rest of this entry »

How Well Does Your Colleges Blackboard Configuration Work

If you are a teacher who has taken on one or more online courses in the past, then there is a good chance that you have used some form of Blackboard software, as licensed through your school. If so, then perhaps you noticed some flaws with this program along the way as you attempted to post assignments, receive student work, hold discussion forums with students, or even give feedback. These are not uncommon problems to have, and they can be quite frustrating when it comes to teaching an online class.

Fortunately, there are ways to Read the rest of this entry »

Discovering 5 New Companies That Promote Education Online

Getting an education online has really never been easier. More and more people are returning to college and are attending classes right from their own homes. Nowadays, most people simply do not have time to travel to a local college or university. It can be difficult to obtain a degree when you’re juggling work and a family. Because of this, online education has never been more convenient for adults who need to further their careers without actually having to go to a local college just Read the rest of this entry »

Teaching Tech at Your School

Teachers often spend more time on things like debt consolidation and administrative paperwork than they do learning for the classroom – it’s an unfortunate reality of our national public school system. If you’re a teacher or know how to reach someone in administration here are a few ideas for teaching the staff some best technology practices:
Hold an after-class session: Find an IT professional or a county-wide resource (like the IT person from HR) to come to the school one weekday after classes and teach everyone best practices. From printing to the internet every teacher can learn something.
Petition the PTA: If your school has the knowledge but not the funds, talk with the parents about chipping in. Even one or two smartboards can make a big difference in the school wide learning atmosphere and they can be financed.
Make class requirements: If you’re woefully concerned about your teachers, sign them all up for a college technology class. Make them get some kind of certification to teach certain subjects or to earn their next raisethey’ll listen up.

Top Online Learning Resources For Teen Learners

From reference books to testing tips, the internet has an unlimited number of online learning resources for teen learners. These online sites offer age appropriate information tailored to specific areas of study. This allows parents and teachers to personalize a student-s experience and help them achieve their educational goals.

Virtual dictionaries, thesauruses, encyclopedias and other reference materials are only a few short clicks away. These make it handy for students to quickly look up information without having to leave home or carry around heavy reference books.Want more? Click here/tag

Research papers will be Read the rest of this entry »

Which Books Work Hand In Hand With Online Resources

We have been referring to the printed word for guidance and verification since Gutenberg and his printing press. It has only been a few years that we have relied on the internet for reference material. There is a wealth of information available on the internet. However, one must be vigilant when seeking out definitive information.

An online dictionary, thesaurus or encyclopedia is certainly easy to use and usually can be trusted. When researching facts, one must use caution when citing material gleaned online. Read the rest of this entry »

Ten Ways To Train Your Children With Online Resources

There are many ways in which to train your children using online resources. Because the Internet is a great big book that contains an array of knowledge, opening it up to children early on can give them a head start in their studies.

As children learn they are becoming trained. The different things they come across like different musical instruments, how many birds there are in their part of the world, who invented the first bicycle, how far the moon is from the sun or is there life on other Read the rest of this entry »

Children Are Able To Adapt To Online Learning Tools

We all know how adaptable our children are in whatever living or learning situation they are in. I expect they are more adaptable than many adults. As the old saying goes, “If you want to program your TV, ask a 13- year old’. Anyway, I am continually amazed at how well children have adapted to technology. They are picking up skills from on-line learning tools as quickly as they learn in traditional classrooms. With the interactive technology available, some students are actually able to stay focused on an Read the rest of this entry »